A Trip without a Plan Pt. 4: Pucon

We didn’t know Pucon is the adventure capital of Patagonia…probably more in the summer season with the lakes available for water sports but the snow sports were in full swing.

We rented a very cute cabin outside of Pucon called Cabanas Aylen. Waking up and wanting to find the best place to see the volcano, we went to ask the front desk woman where we should go, she smiled and said just get in your car and drive. So we did and she was right, you could see it from literally anywhere!

We ended up driving up the volcano all the way to the ski resort! Seeing a ski resort on the side of an active volcano was funny concept but the views were beautiful!

We came back down and continued onto a waterfall area called Ojos Del Caburgua where we sat to eat lunch.

We kept making our way north-east to another lake called Lake Caburgua, where the water was so clear!

Our plan was to keep heading in that direction because that was where the thermal baths we wanted to go to were located. That area is filled with different places to go but there was one in particular we had read about. Getting s little lost on the way but we finally made it to Termas Los Pozones.

That was it for our first successful day in Pucon! We headed back to the cabin to decide what we were going to do tomorrow.


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