Obtaining a Brazilian Visa


Good thing I found out we needed tourists visas to enter Brazil BEFORE we left for our trip!

If you are a US citizen looking to travel to Brazil, you need a tourist visa. Period. No getting around that one. So how does a US citizen, living in Buenos Aires get a tourist visa to travel to Brazil…that’s exactly what I googled. I found a really helpful article: Leave Your Daily Hell & looked at the actual website for the Brazilian Consulate in Buenos Aires. They both say to visit the Brazilian Consulate in Buenos Aires which is only a few blocks from my apartment building and you NEED an appointment! They will not see you without an appointment. You also NEED to have a few things:

  1. Passport
  2. Passport photo
  3. Visa Application Form you fill out on the consulate website
  4. Proof of transport in and out of Brazil
  5. Proof of a place to stay
  6. 90 days worth of bank statements stating you have enough money in your account to spend in Brazil
  7. And quite a bit of cash on hand (2,985 pesos to be exact)

Once you go to your appointment, if everything is accepted, they give you a slip of paper stating you need to pay 2,985 ARG pesos (around $180 USD) at the Itaú bank, a Brazilian bank around the corner and it must be in cash. Funny thing is, at the ATM you can only take out 2,400 ARG pesos at a time and you get charged 95 ARG ($6) every time you take money out! …Complicated process. Once you go to the bank and pay for the visa it electronically confirms with the Consulate and you return on the date stated on the slip to pick up the visa which is good for 10 years. It’s really not a difficult process, minus the cash situation, but you need to be prepared before you go. So that’s exactly what I did, I quadruple checked everything before I went to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and I was able to get the slip at the end of my appointment! Unfortunately, there was a man in front of me who didn’t print out his bank statements and therefore couldn’t continue with the process. He had to leave, print out the statements and come back in the same day in order to continue.

Looks like I’m visiting Brazil again if the visa is going to last 10 years!

Be prepared and you’ll be fine. My dad’s motto for life 🙂






One thought on “Obtaining a Brazilian Visa

  1. WOW!!!! That is ridiculous!!!! The fact that they want to see your bank statements and have a pre-arranged place to stay is crazy.. Some people wing it and get a place once they get to wherever they are going.. And it sounds expensive… But, probably well worth it… You guys are going to have a blast… Good thing you are organized and prepared!!!! HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE!!!

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