Cirque du Soleil Worshop: Week Three

Week 2 Recap:

 WEEK 3 Monday:

I actually got up on the equipment and pushed! The coaches could tell I was getting bored standing on the floor…I was to told to stop conditioning.

The schedule was normal for the day: Morning session, Lunch and Afternoon session, went to the grocery store and then had a chance to catch up with my mom 🙂 It was the first time we had talked since she got back from her trip and I left on mine.


Before morning session I had a measurements appointment for my costume for the show in South America!! They measured EVERYTHING. Took my shoe size, hand size, skin tone all while wearing a lovely light blue spandex body suit…I looked fantastic…

After, I had a meeting with CSST which is the workers compensation unit because I was technically “injured” on the job. Even though I didn’t really miss any days, you have the option of opening a file just in case something else were to happen later down the road.

After that, regular schedule for the day! I pushed both sessions and I could feel it, my shoulders were feeling those lactic acids building.


Regular schedule. Pushing the bar was just as much of a workout as actually doing the skills! I was using my full body and would sweat by the end of the session. Obviously the dance moves and laughing we were doing on the platforms 25 feet in the air would keep my occupied too 🙂

Made a trip to the grocery store and then a few of us headed to get Pho for dinner! There were a lot of pho places around but some of them had bad reviews, so we picked a good one, rented bikes and rode the bikes there for dinner. It was delicious!


I finally got the chance to swing! But I was pretty much starting from Day 1 again. The group had progressed so much that I didn’t know if I would be able to catch up in the short time we had left but I was damn sure going to try!

Swinging felt a little weird just because the stitches were still in so the skin was pretty tight but there was no way I was going to complain about it because I was only allowed 3-4 times on the bar per session so I was going to make each one count! I’m not stubborn.

For the last half and hour of lunch, I went back to HQ into the costume department again to get my head scanned to make head pieces! The custom will be fitted to my head 🙂 I essentially had a swimming cap on with a bunch of magnet dots all over my face and there was a guy with a scanner who went around and took a 3D scan of my head which popped up on the computer, it was pretty awesome!

The afternoon session went well and I got to swing 3-4 more times. Because we get done at 4pm I have to occupy myself until at least 5 so I don’t just go back to my room and eat dinner because then I would be starving later. That’s why I’ve gone to the grocery store so many times, not because I need anything which usually backfires on me because then I end up buying things I don’t need….double edged sword.

Later I had my second massage with our masseuse 🙂 Again, you tell her what’s sore or what you want worked on and she finds muscles you didn’t know you have. Since I started pushing, my shoulders were getting pretty sore so she made sure she dug into those bad boys.


Stitches removal today!!

Had to make it through the morning and afternoon sessions first…then the AT said he would remove them.

I have a video of them being removed but I’ll spare you from watching it, it’s pretty weird-looking and that was the first time I had gotten to see it since the doc put them in. Here’s a before and after (the first one pic my leg is so white from the numbing meds they injected into the muscle, it looked like a zombie limb):


For dinner, a group of us met up with Roxane, who lives in Montreal, to take the metro downtown to the Gay Village for Vietnamese, she knew of a good place. A lot of restaurants here allow you to bring in your own wine or liquor and drink in the restaurant, so we stopped by a liquor store on the way and made our purchases, much cheaper than buying single drinks at the restaurant. Then spent a night out on the town! We met up with a couple of artists who were also at HQ rehabbing before going back to their tours. One was from Toruk (the avitar show) and one was the main character in Varekai. So cool to be able to meet these people who I have seen on stage!

All in all, another awesome week!

Weekend #3 Adventures…CODY COMES TO VISIT!

Xx, Betsy


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