Hello Again!

The last few blog posts have been the same thing… “haven’t wrote in a while”or “it’s been a while” and this one is no different….but I plan to keep it up this time!

It has been a while since I wrote but that’s because I was busying Chasing the Dream 🙂 It’s been a busy last few weeks though because I’m very proud to say that I’ve caught the dream, but that’s just the start of it!! I was offered a contract with Cirque du Soleil to be an acrobat in two different opportunities!

  • The first is a workshop in Montreal, where Cirque is headquartered!

I found out about this opportunity first and could not have said yes sooner! I had been in contact with one of the recruiters in the casting department, Charlie, for various opportunities. So when he did email me with this offer, I had to ask him if it was real…was I really selected?! He assured me that I had been chosen and I would be living in Montreal for a month helping Cirque in a workshop to create a new piece of equipment. All other information was confidential until I got up there (…think trade secrets, just like magicians have to keep their magic tricks a secret, so does Cirque until they implement them into a show). But even though I have made it up here and am currently participating in the workshop, I still can’t share a lot, sorry! I can’t show you any pictures of the equipment or tell you any details but I can tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

  • And the second opportunity is a contract with a brand new show that will be touring South America for a year!!

I found out about this opportunity after I found out about Canada and couldn’t believe it…I still can’t believe it and I don’t think I will until I get up there!! I HAVE A CONTRACT WITH CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!! And the awesome part is that I’m able to participate in both contracts!

Basically, I got a call from Charlie and his exact words were, “I have some good news…” after that I knew! They wouldn’t call unless it was good news. He told me a little bit about the project but not much because not much is known in general, it’s still in creation mode. They basically offered me a job and I said yes. They know the skills I can preform so they know whether I am a good fit for what they want. As of now, I’m 100% sure I’m in one act in the show and they still need to make a decision on other parts of the show, I might play a role there as well.

Since the show has been officially announced by Cirque…I can tell you the name of the show! It’s called Soda Stereo SĂ©p7iMo DĂ­a (#SodaCirque) and will be modeled after the Beatles Love and Michael Jackson One shows. Soda Stereo is a very famous band in South America so the show #SodaCirque will be working with two members of the band to create a show that embodies their music and vibe. It is not a tribute tour, more of a show where the level of Cirque’s artistic and acrobatic reputation is combined with Soda Stereo’s legacy and vibe to create one hell of a show!

I cannot wait to tell you more, but that’s all I know! If you spend sometime on the weblink attached to the Soda Stereo name above, you will find a lot of cool information on the show! Hope you’re as excited as I am!! I will try my hardest to continue to post!

Xx, Betsy


2 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. HI BETSY!!! I have been waiting to hear all about your journey!!! It sounds like a dream come true!!! We r so happy and excited for you!! I hope you r having a great first week!!! Keep us posted!!!

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