Day 2 of Auditions

Day 2

Day 2 I woke up ready to go, when am I not?? We get to the gym and start warming up like we had done the day before but Stacy stops us and says today would be less acrobatic heavy and more dance and movement oriented so she wanted us to start of with some dance exercises. We start laying down on the floor, closing our eyes, and feeling the music. It progressed into other movements and partner/trust exercises. Leading, following, and imitating our partners was all part of getting into a different character.

Then the fun began, dancing in front of the camera. Stacy divided us into groups of three and said each group would get two rounds in front of the camera. The first round, she put on a different song for each group and we free styled and did whatever came to us. Some groups had slow songs, fast, tribal, hip hop, you name the genre she probably played it. Round 2 had a stipulation. This time there were only two people to a group and when the song began, our movement had to portray what we thought looked terrible or disgusting. When Stacy said switch, we made what we were doing into something beautiful. This had the whole group laughing! Needless to say, I let my ugliness hang alllllllll out there…facial expressions and all. I think I may have even snorted at one point 😐 But it was so much fun watching everyone just let their true selves shine through.

Next up: acting. In general, when people walk they have a natural body part that leads their movement whether that be their toes, nose, right hand etc. For our acting presentation, we had three criteria. We were assigned a body lead and an emotion and we had to act out a story line. But there was also going to be a song playing, so we had to make the story’s movements flow with the music…a little hard to explain but basically we had to tell a story to music using the emotion and body lead we were assigned. All of the groups were pretty creative and fun to watch!

Then reality set in again…there was another round of cuts. Since it was a smaller group and we spent all morning together, no one wanted to see anyone go but that’s the way show biz works. You’re either the material they’re looking for or you’re not; it ain’t a candy store, they don’t need to sugar coat s**t. But because we were all there for the same reason and had the same dream, to be cut short so close to the finish line was hard to imagine for any of us. At this point you had to hope you did enough to where they saw potential in putting you in a show…longest 10 mins of my life waiting for the numbers to be called again.

All the sudden Stacy started calling off numbers and I had to rethink what she said a couple of times before I realized that my number WASN’T called!! I made it into the strength and flexibility round!!

The group was divided into two and my group started on strength and the other on flexibility. The strength section started with a straight legged pike or straddle no legged rope climb all the way to the ceiling. Coming back down, our feet still had to be at horizontal and our arms had back stroke down. If Stacy thought it was too easy for you to get up the first time, in the middle of coming down she would tell you to go back up again without coming completely down! Of course the boys were beast at this. Moving on, we went to the bar area and did 10 leg lifts against the wall to 10 burpees to 10 pull ups all in a row. We were cheering for each other, counting out the reps, and making each other laugh. Even though we only met and got to know these people for 2 days, we became a sort of team. United under one goal and it felt so good haha 🙂 The flexibly section wasn’t too difficult either; over splits, middle split, pike stretch, shoulder stretch, and a bridge!

After both groups were finished, she brought us together and said the magic words……



I had to look at her for a few seconds before I realized I wasn’t dreaming! I wanted to hear those words so badly and I was so focused on everything I could possibly do in order to get there, I never thought of what it would feel like once I actually made it! It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had and I knew Cirque was what what I wanted to do 🙂 🙂 🙂

But now that means that I’m playing the waiting game. To be in the talent database is one thing but for them to need you in an actual show is another. When Cirque needs me they will call but until then my responsibility is to continue training, stay in the best shape of my life and be able to perform all the skills they expect me to.

I’ve always been a firm believer in Everything Happens for a Reason. I’ve done everything in my power to get as close as I can and now I just have to “let the chips fffffffffall where they may” – She’s The Man

So after the good news, my dad and I went out to have a little celebration with a good ol’ Vegas Buffet and of course a Cirque show! We saw Mystere which was amazing, I don’t think someone can walk out of any show and say they were bored or disappointed. All the shows bring something different, new, and exciting to the table. I hope one day I will be one of the artists who will inspire people and have the privilege of performing on one of their amazing stages!

The audition experience was awesome, I had the chance to meet some amazing and talented athletes and I wish them all so much luck. Even though everyone was in different stages of their life, hopefully one day we’ll all be able to work together under the same big top 😉


We’re Crazy and Fun People…after all we are auditioning for the Circus 


Maaaaybe I’m a little excited


The Lot of Us 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Day 2 of Auditions

  1. Great summary! I still get goose bumps when I think of you saying “I made it!!” to me on the phone in Vegas. ☺

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