And So It Begins

To be completely honest, I still can’t believe it! After this weekend, I am now part of the Cirque Du Soleil Talent Database!! So to explain what that means exactly, I’ll have to start from the beginning…

So much to say and so much to tell but the beginning includes many questions with not many answers. How does one even begin to apply to the Circus you may ask?…excellent question because when I first decided that’s what I wanted, I didn’t know where to start either. But after talking with many people, friends, friends of friends, coaches and even people that are or were and are in Cirque shows now, I was able to obtain a lot of helpful info.

Basically, Cirque du Soleil is show biz and very much in the entertainment industry, therefore, just like most entertaining gigs there is an application and audition process. The thing is, no one could tell me what the audition process entailed because everyone’s “audition” is different. When Cirque is looking for someone, they are looking for someone specific. They need the right body type, skill set, and attitude and if you don’t fit those criteria you won’t be chosen. So to be a performer you must have very good timing and be exactly what they’re looking for right then and there. The other catch is you don’t know what they’re looking for so the best person you can present to them is you true self.

16×9 created a documentary on the casting process if you are interesting in watching, I highly recommend watching at least the first 15 mins if you want a better understanding about the whole process.

But not everyone goes through the auditioning process, that’s why every performers story is different. But the first step for most people is to create an online profile where you will upload your resume and any videos or media files you want the casting department to see. At least at this point your name is in the system. If there is a need for you or your specific skill set they will go ahead and give you a call right away. If there isn’t an immediate need for you then the next step is to go to the annual auditions to showcase your skills to the talent scouts which is what I ended up doing this past weekend in Las Vegas!

As soon as I found out when and where the auditions were being held I created an online profile, uploaded my gymnastics resume, pictures, videos, and the most important video, my audition video. I had been working on my audition video for quite sometime (and definitely learned how to use iMovie pretty quickly) but when I found out when the auditions were, it was a mad rush to finish the video and get it up on my profile as soon as I could. If you’re interested in watching it, here’s the link:

Audition Video

Keep in mind that I am audition to be in a circus production so if you want to laugh at me or find something ridiculous, that’s probably the point 🙂

So when I applied for the audition and received my invitation I started training and preparing the skills I was going to showcase. And for those of you who followed my previous blog, you know I was off for a whole month which in gymnastics time feels like much longer when you finally do get back in the gym. Many nights were spent in either the ice bath or an epson salt bath trying to keep my body together. My hands looked like they had a few holes in them but they healed don’t worry.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 10.51.29 AM

“When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breath, then you will be successful.”

So as the auditions came closer, I continued training and working my a$$ off because I knew if I went in prepared I would have the best chances. My days consisted of going to the gymnastics gym in the morning, going to the workout gym in the afternoon, and sometimes even going to dance class in the evening. There was no way I was going into this audition unprepared.

At the same time, Amaluna was in the National Harbor for a month and a half which was the perfect opportunity to the inside scoop. My coach gave me the contact info for one of the artists in the show and I was able to get in touch with her! I immediately started asking her all the questions I could think of and she answered all of them no matter how goofy they may have sounded like what did you wear to the auditions or what did you do with your hair?? haha #gymnastprobs. I was also able to go to the performance 3 times, the first was the dress rehearsal with my coach, the second on opening night with my family and friends, and the third time my boyfriend and I got to watch from backstage!! It just made me want to be a part of it even more!


Out front the Amaluna Show in the National Harbor

After that I had a better understanding of what to expect at the auditions. By the time the one week countdown to leaving started, I knew I was ready to go.


It was finally here. My dad and I flew out to Vegas Thursday morning, got settled and drove to the gym to make sure we knew where we were going the next morning. We pull up to the entrance and this was our conversation:

Me: “Are we going in??”

Dad: “Yeah, why not?”

Me: “… ok”

Haha it didn’t take much to convince me. If I had the opportunity to see the gym and get a sense for what the equipment would look like, all the better. So we went in met one of the  manager at the gym. I explained that I was coming in the next morning for the auditions and and asked to see the gym. She took us right up stairs to an overlook where we had a view of the whole gym. When we were finished, we headed back downstairs to say goodbye and she mentions they have an open gym that night from 7:30-8:30 and I was more then welcome to come….WHAT?!!!! I immediately said YES WE WILL BE BACK!

If I had the opportunity to get on and actually feel the equipment before Friday morning, I was not passing that up…you can’t buy luck like that! So my dad and I went to the hotel, checked in, dropped our stuff and headed for an early dinner so we could get to the gym right at 7:30!

I get in the gym and there are a few younger girl practices going on so I go to a corner and warm up and take it all in. I put my grips on and swung a couple sets of giants and went to floor to bounce around a little and see how it felt. I only stayed for about 30-35 mins but it was the most well spent time of the whole trip.

We got back to the hotel for the night and I could not have felt more prepared. I’d done everything that I could’ve possibly done to prepare and do my best in the morning.

All that was left to do was dream circus dreams, wake up and make them a reality.


2 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. I am so happy for you Betsy. It’s nice seeing someone so young and eager following their dreams.. I LOVED your audition!!!

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