Day 23:

To get on the bus we had to go back down the hill the same way we came up with our luggage. The shuttle took it and we walked down with our carry ons. A little bit of a trek for 7:30 in the morning. But we got on the bus and after our first stop Mike put on a movie, my Dad would be so excited…Braveheart! You could tell it was going to be a long bus ride ha.

Our next stop was in Avignon for lunch. We went into the Popes Palace and got a great view of the town from the tower. I finally got a savory crepe which I had been looking for for a while; ham, cheese and pesto, it was delicious.

Then we stopped at a river to take a quick dip before arriving in Nimes. But I think there was only 3 out of 40 of us that actually got in or even put our bang suits on. I was not one of the. Because Mike said the water was pretty cold. But the aqueduct that we saw above the river was pretty cool. We only spend an hour there and went to Nimes.

We we’re suppose to go inside and tour the Roman Amphitheater but it was closed because there was an Arctic Monkeys concert. But we went and found it and then decided to come back out later to the bar across the street to hear the concert. We came back to the hotel (which was the same company as Paris and the rooms were a very nice upgrade from Nice) and watched Germany demolish Brazil in the World Cup.

Sorry, no pictures this time. Cody has them all on his phone 😣


One thought on “Provence

  1. “First learn to use this…(tapping young Wallace’s head)..”then I’ll teach you to use this…”(pointing to the sword Wallace was eyeing)…Wallace’s Uncle Argyle.

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