French Riviera/Nice

Day 21:

Day 21 didn’t exactly start out as planned. Cody and I woke up at the time we were suppose to be leaving the hostel. Luckily we didn’t get left behind and made it to the bus in time.

We made a stop along the way in Pisa to take our extremely touristy pictures with the leaning tower. Funny to watch everyone else trying to take pictures too. Our stop wasn’t long, only about an hour. But Emile and I got our last gelato while in Italy. Although not the best gelato we had, it was 10am and there’s always room for gelato.

Back on the bus to Nice and wow was that a pretty drive. It wasn’t the prettiest day driving there with overcast the whole time but the little towns on the mountains right on the beaches were a nice view to drive along. But oh boy, when we got there the sun was blazing and it was hot. We had to park at the bottom of a mountain and walk for about 15-20 mins up the very steep roads to get to our hostel. Luckily they brought a shuttle down to carry some of our luggage.

So to prepare us for this hostel, all trip Mike has been telling us there’s one hostel that is just complete shit and guess what, it’s this one. So before we came he warned us that it’s dirty, some rooms don’t have windows, the rooms are shit, yada yada yada. So all of us were preparing to stay in a shithole for the next two days. So when we finally arrive at the hostel after our 20 min stroll up the very steep mountain roads, apparently we all got extremely lucky because our rooms were not that terrible. I think we all had windows which would’ve made the room even hotter then it already was on account of no AC. It’s not the best kept or most clean room we’ve ever stayed in but for two nights it’ll do. Especially since we don’t spend that much time in the rooms anyways.

So after we put our stuff down and changed into our bathing suits, we walk back down the hill to take a 10 min tram and we’re on the beach of the Mediterranean!!!!! Well I don’t know if you can call it a beach because it’s all straight rocks and no sand but the water was so blue and beautiful and awesome to swim in because it was so salty I could actually float!! The view is phenomenal and there’s a board walking looking strip along the whole coast with little shops.

So we spend a good few hours just relaxing on our rocks and decided dinner was necessary and seafood was preferable. We pick a good priced seafood place and got a starter of 6 assorted sushi and the seafood wok with veggies which included scallops, clams, mussels, squid, and a prawn. We went with Carly Jo and Adrienne (both from Nebraska) and they rarely have seafood and when they do it’s red lobster… So they got the same thing as us and actually liked it! I was surprised they even tried it.

And then….what day would be complete without another gelato….

Day 22:

The only thing to really do in Nice is stay on the beach. So what are we doing all day?? Staying on the beach! But first we took a hike up one of the mountains on the coast to get the grand view of Nice. 417 stairs later the view was goooorgeousssss. I actually didn’t know the water of the Mediterranean was that blue and clear.

Next stop: the beach allllll day. Because of the rocks, it wasn’t the most comfortable but the water was amazing to get in. And of course a beach day wouldn’t be complete without some gelato before our night at Monaco for our Monaco casino night excursion.

We took the bus for a 40 min bus ride to Monaco but we were heading to dinner first which was fun as always and thought it was the best part of the night. Toasts by Mike and the three amigos (Cody, David, and Erik), unlimited wine, relatively good food but a good time surrounded by friends was what was most fun.

Onto the casino which was not what you would’ve expected for as famous of a casino as it is. It was actually relatively small and because it was a Monday, all of the slots and most of the tables were closed. There were a couple black jack and roulette tables open in which I sat and watched while Cody did all the participating. Let’s just say he was happy to get the hell out there after an hour 😣 Monaco is rich for a reason, the house always wins.

I can’t believe we only have a week left of this amazing experience! I’ve met some pretty crazy fun people who made the trip into a trip of a lifetime, it would not be the same without all of them and I’m going to miss the group so much.








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