Day 19:

Happy Forth of July America!!

We spent the morning of our fourth sitting on a bus, only for 5 hours this time. The trip from Rome to Florence wasn’t bad at all. When we got to Florence we were going to celebrate by doing a Mike optional which was wine tasting in Tuscany! But for some reason it wasn’t available today so we planned it for tomorrow.

So when we got there we had the rest of the day as free time. We walked EVERYWHERE. we started by getting lost but only for about 20 mins. We found the main road with all the shops on it and followed it down past the Duomo and into the square where the fake David statue was. Then we walked to another square where the Church that Michelangelo, Galileo, and more famous people were buried. Cody went inside the church to see the tombs and said they were pretty cool looking and very elaborate.

There was also a very very nice leather store in this square. A wallet the size of my hand cost €145 with a 32% discount….

Erik, Cody and I wanted to cross a budge and go up to Piazza de Michelangelo which is where the copper version of the David statue is as well as the beautiful view of Florence. When you see the pictures of Florence with the Duomo and bell tower on the skyline, this is where they get that picture from. Gorgeous view of the Tuscan region.

Then we made the trek back to our hostel on the other side of town to get ready for a night out. We started at an Irish pub right down the corner and then made our way to a club called Space right in the heart of Florence. Since it was the fourth there were tons of American flags hanging up and since Brazil won against Columbia in the World Cup there were tons of Brazilian flags up too. The club was awesome, it had 3 floors, fun music, and lots and lots of people. We all needed up dancing a lot longer then we realized and finally made it back to the hostel at 3am.

Day 20:

We woke up for our tour at 9:30 where we started at the Duomo and actually went in this time. It’s not a fancy church with a lot of decorations but the dome is one of the only domes to be created without using scaffolding to hold it up which is pretty amazing because that thing was huge. It also had beautiful frescos on the ceiling of the dome and you could make the climb up the steps to see the view of Florence from the dome but it cost an extra 6€ and wasn’t included in our tour.

Then we made our way back to the Piazza with the fake David, through the historical part of Florence and landed on the market bridge. It is tradition that there only be jewelry stores on the bridge according to the mother or daughter of the Medici family which is the main family in Florence’s history.

To end our tour we walked to a leather shop where they had a demonstration for us on how real leather items are made and fused together only by heat, water and air. The lady also told us how to tell between real and fake leather products. Then we were able to shop around.

At 2 we left for the wine tasting that was scheduled. Took us an hour and 15 to get there because it was at a house in the middle of the vineyard which was beautiful of course. Sat down and listened to the son of the vineyards owner tell us how to drink the wine correctly and gave us some food for pairing. At the end of our 8 glasses of wine and multiple tastings of truffle olive oil, pepper olive oil, and 30 years aged balsamic vinegar we were able to purchase some of the wine we tasted. We even got to taste an 131€ bottle of wine which Mike said has never happened to any group he’s ever had. The son had a little bit of a crush on Arrah so we think that helped 😍 there were more then a few kisses shared.

So as you can imagine, all of us were pleasantly buzzed after our tasting, started taking pictures and goofing off. So we got on the bus and sang and laughed the whole hour back. And due to some unfortunate events…I do not have any pictures from Florence but Cody does!


3 thoughts on “Florence

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you got most of your pictures. Maybe you can get copies of some from the people in your traveling group of Florence. You guys will have to tell me which part of Italy you liked best.

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