Day 12:

Woke up and got on the coach again. Mike says, “if you want to travel, you have to travel”… Makes sense and the long bus rides are part of it but not necessarily desired.

We drove to the Black Forest Area where The Brothers Grimm wrote the fairytales. Stopped in a little Germany town which is famous for it’s Coo coo clocks. Most of them were beautifully carved and very expensive. Also got lunch but my friend Sarah and I just got pie 😊. As well as some German candy ha… Bus rides make me want to eat everything in sight.

There was also a glass blowing demonstration in this little town. We didn’t watch long but he was doing it in a store filled with all of his creations so we were able to look around a bit.

When we went to RhineFalls which is the biggest waterfall on Europe, the view was unbelievable. You could take boats right up to it and stand on a rock in the falls but we just walked around and that was good enough for us.

So we didn’t stay in Lucern either, we passed through and went to Engelburg to stay at Angle’s Lodge. Our rooms are very nice and the view from our balcony… Unbeatable. We pretty much dropped our bags off again and went dinner at a “sports bar”. But this sports bar was sooooo expensive because everything in Switzerland is soooo expensive. And there was no one in this little town because the peak seasons are in winter so in the summer the only people that stay are the people who work in the hotels or restaurants.

And since we were cooped up in a bus for the past two days straight, we went to the only club in Engleberg ha. It was only our group for a while but it was fun.

Day 13:

Sarah, Cody and I actually got up early and took a run…best decision made. It was such a clear morning, you could see the tops of all of the Swiss Mountain peaks.

Then we left on the bus to head back to Lucerne for the morning. Our first stop was a famous lions statue which is carved into the stone in honor of the Swiss army men who have served.

Aaaand then we went to pick up the Swiss Army knives we preordered! I have a real Swiss Army knife from Switzerland ☺️ So cool.

Then we went a little further into the heart of Lucern to see the famous flower bridge and right next to that was a market where I picked out a couple things for lunch and Cody grabbed a sandwich to bring up the mountain so we didn’t have to pay 20franks to eat up there…

So our next adventure was going up Mt. Pilatus! This was an extra excursion we booked and was so so so worth it. We caught a ferry and road for about an hour in a half all the way around Lake Lucern and the peak of Mt. Pilatus. When we got off, we headed straight to the worlds largest and steepest cogwheel train up the back side of the mountain. It started drizzling a little bit on the way up but nothing horrible. Got to the top…and I’m not even sure I can describe the view. The pictures don’t do any justice to the actual view. It was amazing, we felt like we were on top of the world.

To get back down, we went down the front of the mountain in gondolas. Again, amazing amazing amazing views. Pictures do not do it justice.

Then we got back on the bus and headed back to Engleburg for a free night. We had to sprint to the supermarket before it closed so we could get something cheap… $4 bottle of win from Italy. Score. And then we wanted to go in the hot tub and have a relaxing night with friends buuuut this lady who kept on busting our fun told us that if we wanted to go in the hot tub we had to come tell her, get a bathrobe from her, go upstairs and shower, come back down and then we could go in. And we weren’t allowed to eat or drink anything that we didn’t buy in the bar there…but there was absolutely no one in the bar to begin with soooo it didn’t make any sense. Swiss are rule followers that’s for sure. So we went back up to our room and watched a movie.

Conclusion: Switzerland was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too. All of the pictures on postcards, they are reality although, again, no pictures can really do it justice.













3 thoughts on “Lucerne/Engleberg

  1. These pictures are unbelievable!!!!! SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!
    Keep em coming… Looks like you guys are really enjoying this…

  2. Thank you for thinking of me and skyping on the day you visited the Black Forest! You know me well πŸ™‚ The pictures are gorgeous and you look like you are having the time of your life!

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