Day 11:

We start our journey to Heidelberg at 7:30 on our favorite coach…

Welcome to Germany (in the voice in bridesmaids) haha that’s all that’s going through my head right now. Welp we finally made it to Germany on the same day they play the USA in the World Cup!! And we actually made it to the hostel in time to see the second half! Too bad they didn’t win but at least we still made it to the next round.

But in the way to the hostel, we did stop at a Castle in Heidelberg which is known for it’s ginormous wine barrels, it’s old pharmaceutical school, the beautiful views of all of Heidelberg, and Mike likes the stop because of their enormous beers for 6e and you can keep the bottle. Cody got a big beer and actually loved the taste and both of us got some very good gelato, almost too good.

But we actually didn’t stay in Heidelberg, we stayed in Frankfort. So we back tracked a little from Heidelberg back to Frankfort.

After the game, our hostel had a really nice rooftop bar and balcony with picnic tables so we hung out there for quite a while just talking and goofing off.






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