Day 7:

So we got on the coach in the morning to find out that there are no power outlets or bathrooms for the next 4 1/2 hours while we travel to Brussels…but we are planning on stopping ever 2 1/2 hours which is good.

When we got to Brussels we walked through the Grand Plasse Square (I believe that’s what it’s called) and went right to a chocolate shop. It had free samples and I’m pretty sure I ate all of them…Oops. And then I got more chocolate ☺️🍫. One of the land marks is called Maniken Piss which is a statute of a little boy pissing into a fountain. The story behind it is that somehow the little boy saved the town and he was caught pissing the the fountain…or something like that.

Then we went to the waffle factory and got a lunch waffle with ham, mozzarella, mushrooms and tomatoes. And a dessert one with Nutella and strawberries. They hit the spot that’s for sure. THEN we went and got fries because fries actually came from Belgium! They were thicker than American fries but not quite wedges, also very good but now I feel like a fatty.

Then we hopped back on the bus for another 3 1/2 hours to Amsterdam and watched Taken on the bus…Mike said at least we we’re watching it after we’ve already been to Paris ha.

Again, dropped our bags off and we were off to our next pub crawl 😜. This one had 5 bars and 1 club and it was absolutely insane. People in Amsterdam are a none stop party that’s for sure.

Day 8:

Got up for our guided tour at 9:45, went to Dam Square and met our tour guide Jennifer. Shes was originally from South Africa but lives in Amsterdam because she loves it and just from being here for a day in a half, I like it too. It’s such a different experience and city has so many different types of people, it’s awesome to experience. We ended our tour at the Anne Frank house and stood in line for a while while half the group went and got lunch and then we switched. Cody was brave and tried the herring sandwich which they’re apparently known for…it was very interesting and not something either of us will try again…but we tried it.

Then we went through the Anne Frank House. It makes me think back to when I read the book and it’s crazy to think that families went through all of that.

Then we wandered back over to the square and headed to a flea market. It was basically like a huge garage sale with a lot of people’s old shoes…that was Interesting too ha.

And of course we went to visit the iconic red and white I amsterdam sign! Got lots if pictures of course 📷.

The next activity was the walking tour of the red light district…we met our new tour guide in the square and his name was Terry and he was from Ireland. We walked through the district and saw the girls on the windows and we even saw some guys go into the rooms and the curtains closed…the tour was actually very educational. He told is about the laws around it, what they have to do, if they have to get checked and a lot more.

And then the whole group of us went to a show…and that’s all I’m going to say about that 😳

Day 9:

Got up early to stick our laundry in but it was kind of expensive so we tried to put as much together as we could. Didn’t have time to dry so everything was hung up in our room. The life of being a world traveler…

We did the bike ride extra excision through the Dutch countryside and saw lots windmills, goats and cows haha. But really the bike ride was a nice relaxation from all of the sightseeing and touring we’ve been doing.

When we came back, a group of us wanted to go have “The Heineken Experience” at the Heineken brewery which was actually an awesome tour. We saw how it was made, the ingredients, the process, the bottling and more. And we even got two in a half free beers during and after the tour!

The next stop was the Ice Bar which is a bar made completely out of ice. There’s one in Vegas I believe and there will be one in Barcelona as well but we were advised to do this one since we have a ton planned for Spain. So we go in and we get a welcome cocktail until we prepare for the experience. Then we line up and put our huge rubber/fuzzy poncho and gloves on. The doors open and we walk into a room which is keep at 32 degrees at all times with ice covering the walls, ice sculptures in the corners, and the glasses were even made out of ice. So in general, very very cold. Welp we went in there, drank our two drinks they gave us, and got the hell outta there ha. It was so cold! The max you could stay in there was 45 mins…we were there for like 20.

Then it was Yogi Fruz or however they say it here in the Netherlands. Yes, frozen yogurt in Holland with multiple multiple toppings and sauces. It was delicious.

And the adventure continues as we go to a club called Prime. And we walk up to the bouncer and he let’s is in free and gives us 2 free bottles of champagne!

So our time in Amsterdam was a success. A different place and community then the rest of the world really, but a great experience.










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