Less Than A Week!!

It’s official, in less than a week I will be on a plane starting one of the many adventures of my post-grad life!!!! I get more and more excited every day but I’m up to my neck in organizing, cluttering, bagging, throwing things around, and trying to assemble my luggage with nonsense that almost-sort-of-could-resemble packing…yay!…you might be able to tell, this is definitely my least favorite part of any trip. Too much thinking, I just want to be over there already! Anyways, once I have that situation all down packed (pun intended), I will be ready to ROAM THE WORLD…or Greater Europe to start 🙂

Although only about 3 people actually read my blog (and two of them are my mom & dad, Love you guys ha) hopefully I will be able to keep up writing at least quick posts and maybe add some pictures while we’re over there. Sooooo…I have to get to packing up my life for the next 30 days (the group members will definitely know my whole wardrobe by the end of the trip that’s for sure) but hopefully my next post I will be sippin’ a café in Lovely London 😉

Bon Voyage!


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