Last Stop: Madrid

DAY 27 

Zaragoza will be our lunch stop on the way to Madrid where we’ll have time to see the Basilica del Pilar, whose central pillar was said to be a gift from the Virgin Mary to Saint James. Then Madrid! Our last stop on the trip, I don’t even want to think about leaving yet! Madrid is famous for its night- life, its world-class art museums, and a great live music scene; in essence…they know how to have fun.

DAY 28

First, our tour director will introduce us to Madrid so we can learn a bit about the local history, and get a feel for the friendly vibe put out by the madrileños (locals of Madrid) hanging out in the cafés, markets, and tascas. Then a local guide will bring Madrid into focus for us where we’ll pass through the Puerta del Sol, the geographical center of the city and a popular meeting point. Head into the Plaza Mayor, the Renaissance hub that witnessed everything from bullfights to weddings to public executions. Then onto the Plaza de Oriente, Madrid’s largest square. The last stop will be the Royal Palace which was built by Bourbon King Phillip V and has more than 2,000 rooms. We will get to explore a few of them along with the impressive marble staircases, the golden Throne Room, more frescoes and stunning chandeliers.

DAY 29 


Then…the farewell dinner. I haven’t even left yet and I know I’m not going to be ready to go home!!

DAY 30 

Flight Home


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