Sippin’ Sangria in Barcelona

DAY 24 

On the way to Spain we’ll stop in Carcassonne which is surrounded by centuries’ old walls; it’s actually Europe’s biggest and most intact medieval fortress. Then onto Barcelona! The Catalan capital is known for its food, fashion, nightlife, music, beaches, architecture…so basically everything!

DAY 25 

A local guide will introduce us to Barcelona where we’ll get to see the Sagrada Familia which is an unfinished church, as well as Parque Guell, both designed by Antoni Gaudí. We’ll also get to see the Casa-Museu, where Gaudí lived from 1906 to 1926. His architecture is all over the city and has a dream-like style and feel. Then we’ll go to the top of Montjuïc which is where many of the 1992 Olympic events took place and has amazing views of the harbor below as well as see the Room of a Hundred Columns; a covered market with 84 pillars. Then we will have our Intro to Barcelona tour with our EF Tour Director where the highlight will be Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s famous boulevard. People from all over the world come to Las Ramblas to shop, eat, drink, watch street performers, and just hang out.

DAY 26 

Finally, we have the Flamenco & Sangria evening! The Flamenco is a quintessential Spanish experience. It is a completely unique art form evolved from India, Moorish, Arabian and gypsy influences where passionate performers tap into strong emotions through guitar playing, singing, chanting, dancing, and hand capping. And we cannot forget the Sangria, My Favvv!



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