Lavender in Provence

DAY 23 

Making our way to Provence where the scenic countryside is most well-known for those lavender fields you always see in the calendars you buy to hang on your fridge…

Lavender fields Provence - France (2)

Not a fan of the lavender sent but once we marvel at all of the purple (Cody will say something along the lines of Go Ravens…) then we’ll walk around the medieval walled city of Avignon with our tour director who will show us the popes’ palace (seven popes lived here starting in 1309) and we’ll get to check out the impressive chapel with its amazing Italian frescoes (you’re welcome for introducing you to that word) and see where the Church stored its riches.

After a stop at the Pont du Gard (a very old bridge from ancient Roman times), we’ll pick between seeing the sights of either Nîmes or Arles. Both are historic cities with winding streets and plenty of Roman ruins.

Can’t believe I only have two more places to write about!


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