Strolling through Scenic Switzerland

DAY 12 

We will start by traveling through Rhine Falls and Black Forest which is where many of the old Brothers Grimm fairytales are set. Then we will arrive in the Swiss Alps! Scenery like Lake Lucerne, the surrounding mountains, and a famous covered bridge are classic Switzerland that I can’t wait to take pictures of!

DAY 13

We will start off Day 13 sight seeing with our Tour Director. Seeing the one-of-a-kind Löwendenkmal (a rock carving of a dying lion) and walking across the Kapellbrücke (a mural-lined covered bridge that was originally built back in the medieval times) are both on the agenda.

Next we have another one of our optional excursions; Mount Pilatus! Crossing Lake Lucerne, we will travel to the foot of the mountain and ride the famous Pilatus cog railway (the steepest in the world) to the top. Forty-five minutes and 6,387 feet later, we’ll reach the summit! I cannot wait to see the breath taking view of the snow-capped Alps!


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