Clogging to the Red Light District in Amsterdam…

Day 8

On the way to Amsterdam, we’ll stop in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, for a quick visit and time to eat lunch…or breakfast for lunch; Belgian Waffles! Then onto Holland and we’ll arrive Amsterdam and possible go through the canals, the Van Gogh and bask in the laid-back attitude.

Day 9

Day 9 starts with a sightseeing tour directed by our EF director that will lead us to Amsterdam, walking though Dam Square and taking in the scenic views of Amstel River before finishing up in Rembrandtplein which is a bustling square packed with outdoor cafés, shops and clubs. Amsterdam draws lots of tourists and backpackers from all over the world, but it’s still quintessentially Dutch. We are expecting tall skinny houses, tulips in the window boxes, and people on bikes everywhere.

Sooo for our free night in the Red Light District…what would you do?

Day 10

We go on our next optional excursion; Biking the Dutch Countryside where we will head outside the city for the afternoon and get a taste of the country life. After a short train ride to Zaanse Schans, we will get on our bikes for a leisurely 1 1/2-hour ride through the classic Dutch landscape—windmills, fields of flowers, rustic farmhouses, all that good stuff. In addition to the ridiculously charming scenery, the trip also includes a picnic lunch, a coffee break, and a visit to a classic Dutch clog maker.


6 thoughts on “Clogging to the Red Light District in Amsterdam…

  1. I’m excited for you to be going to Amsterdam! I have the stereotypical image of that country in my head, so I can’t wait to see what you actually experience there! My vote was for Club Mazzo because I bet you can find a band you like and then you can tell people you saw them before they were famous!

  2. Balthazar’s Kitchen is the best restaurant I ate at my entire study abroad experience, worth the splurge! Its a flat fee of 30 euro each, I think, but so so worth it! When you arrive, your only choice is fish or meat. Then, they bring you out these wonderful appetizers, main dish, and dessert. Definitely make a reservation, as the restaurant is really small. It is owned by this couple and their is an open kitchen, so you can see everything they are cooking. I highly recommend it!

  3. I would say club Escape. From previous experience I know you like to dance and let your hair down haha. My sister stayed in Holland for a few weeks when she was training with the US field hockey team and she didn’t want to leave. She said the culture is laid back and not something to take for granted.

  4. Amsterdam sounds so magical! I never made it there when I was abroad, which I was disappointed about, so I am very jealous! Apparently theres an amazing pancake restaurant that everyone raved about so if you have time I’m sure it’s worth checking out!

  5. Amsterdam is pretty spectacular, it’s super easy to get around and I found the people to be remarkably friendly and welcoming. Definitely check out the Rijksmuseum, it just opened after a decade of renovation and is super nice. Enjoy!

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