Paris: The City of Love

Day 5 

We will take a Eurostar train under the English channel to Paris and then we have some free night life time right away! Which would you do:

Day 6 

Scheduled sightseeing bus tour of Paris with the local guide going down the Champs-Elysees, see the Arc de Triomphe, and go to the Eiffel Tower! Can’t wait to take a typically tourist picture with the Tower 🙂
Then we have our next excursion to Versailles which I was skeptical about in the beginning when we were first thinking about which optional excursions to go on but now I’m really excited we decided to go. I’ve heard more and more about how beautiful it is and how it is definitely not something to miss.
Day 7
And our final day in Paris we have the Introduction to Paris… seems a little backwards but we’ll go with it. The plans are to walk around with our EF tour director and go through the Latin Quarter which is an area packed with French college students where we will then make your way along the Seine and check out les bouquinistes, which sounds like a little market. On to the Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa (another touristy stop I’m excited for)!! Then to Notre Dame Cathedral (the Hunchback of Notre Dame was definitely a favorite childhood movie) and an evening Seine cruise and another chance to check out the Eiffel Tower.
All in all, Paris sounds like it’s going to be an awesome stop!

3 thoughts on “Paris: The City of Love

  1. I voted for Moulin Rouge on the condition that you watch the movie first. It seems like a fun experience and a unique one at that! Please please please take pictures of all these places you go! This stop is going to be amazing… and romantic!

  2. I voted for Moulin Rouge because if you’re going to Paris, you need to see some type of Cabaret while you’re there. I was in Paris for a week for a class last year and the farewell dinner included a cabaret show with dinner (wasn’t Moulin Rouge). Word of caution though Moulin Rouge’s price does run a little steep for the show- its upwards of $150 per show and they are likely to sell out so buy your tickets in advance- but if you’re willing to splurge on one of the best cabarets in the world, I would definitely consider it- especially after looking at your itinerary. Also, stick around Montmarte- the area around Moulin Rouge and check out the Cathedral of Sacre Coeur and the surrounding shops if you can since it seems like your itinerary glosses over a neighborhood in my opinion, that should be a must-visit on any trip to Paris. I wish I could have explored Montmarte more than the just the one night we had our farewell dinner, and if I go back to Paris I would definitely spend more time there. Check out this post for more suggestions:
    The only thing I’d add is that there is actually a tram run by metro that runs up there now instead of just the train and do be very cautious around that area and in St. Michel b/c those are the most notorious neighborhoods for pickpocketing.

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