The Count Down

The count down I see when I log onto EF College Breaks gets me every time, the anticipation is killing me! How am I suppose to focus on school when there’s only 117 days left! haha Needless to say I’m a little excited. I actually got very distracted for more time then I am willing to admit looking at Allison’s Blog and Josh’s Blog because they went on the same trip and “live blogged” while they were over there. 

Naturally, seeing all the pictures, I got sucked in and read a lot of the other blogs on the site 😐 And they are all fantastic, if you’re ever looking to kill a couple of hours and love reading about traveling…this tumblr is for you.

Not that I’m checking but now there’s only 100 and some days 5 hours and 44 mins left…


4 thoughts on “The Count Down

  1. I like that you are looking at other people’s blogs and seeing how they spent their trip! That’s the best way to shape your very own unique adventure! Oh but hey, you know what countdown comes first…..graduation my friend, graduation.

  2. Having a count down for vacation or a big trip makes it that much more exciting! I also can’t believe that means the year is almost done. It is pretty crazy to think about a stretch of time that feels so long but is really only a little more than a 100 days away!

  3. Looking at other people’s blogs can be great for shaping your own adventures! That being said, think of your blog as an inspiration to other’s adventures as well. For example, I just posted my first in a series of posts I’m writing about my bucket list winter break to Edinburgh and I got followed and liked by quite a few interesting travel bloggers that I’ve spent maybe a little too much time checking out myself.

  4. Yes agreed with what others have posted, the fact that graduation is just over a hundred days away is daunting! This time is stressful with so much going on. I like that you have this countdown! I always find that if I have something to look forward to it is much easier!

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