What to Bring?

It is daunting task to even think about packing for 30 days in just one suitcase and a carry on! I’m one of those types of people (a.k.a. my mother’s daughter) who will be going somewhere for the weekend and pack everything “just in case” I’ll need it. For example, I have some school work to do I will proceed to bring my 15 lb. textbook with me because I have 6 pages to read….so I guess you could say I’m not the most efficient packer.

At least I know I’m not good at it though right? First step is admitting…so I’ve gotten some great tips already just from looking at my Pinterest Travel Page (which always seems to eat up more time then I want it to) and talking with some friends who have studied abroad for the whole semester and these are some of the key tips I found out:

  1. roll clothes, don’t fold
  2. pack items in shoes to use all of the available space
  3. wear as many as the bulky items you can on the plane so they don’t take up room
  4. always leave extra space in your suitcase on the way over to Europe because you will fill it by the time you head back
  5. comfy walking shoes are a must

And here are some sites I found that have some great tips too:

Packing for a month in a carry on!

Packing accessories 

Top 10 travel tips

Ef College Break Travel Tips 

(the last one is our trip providers recommendations)

So after looking at all of these and getting a jist of what I already know, if anyone has any other travel tips they would like to share, anything would be greatly appreciated!


6 thoughts on “What to Bring?

  1. See I already learned something new: rolling clothes gives you more room! Thank you for that! Definitely leave some room for souvenirs in your bag because I’m expecting you to bring back some quality European souvenirs! I wish I could say leave room to bring me along but…

  2. These tips were super helpful! I’m a terrible packer as well. I’ll bring along my homework and textbooks even though I know I won’t even open a book or do an assignment on my trip. I also pack so many items “just in case” I need something during the trip. And I’ll pack more clothing than I need just so I have options on what I’ll wear. I’ll definitely try rolling my clothes from now on! I think creating a packing list and only sticking to that list is another tip that I’ve gotten. It helps you focus on what you need and you avoid packing unnecessary items.

  3. These tips definitely would have helped when I was traveling around Europe, but I will keep them in mind for next time! The thing that I found useful was really trying to limit myself to one backpack. Many of the cheap airlines charge bag fees for anything other than a carryon, so I tried to travel as cheaply as possible by only using the backpack.

  4. One thing study abroad travel taught me is it is completely okay to wear the same shirt three days in a row. I know that sounds gross, but besides the person you’re traveling with, you never see anyone for long enough for the, to catch on. And if you want to travel with a a person for an entire month, I, sure they do not care what you are wearing. The best advice is pack light. You have a lot of lugging your stuff around and it would be really annoying to have a 50 pound suitcase.

  5. thanks for the tips!!! i will definitely take them into account since my summer trip for Europe will be for 2 months and for convenience I think that I will only travel with a carry on suitcase and a backpack …. so I will definitely take these tips into account.

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