Learning the Language

When I was little, my brother and I used to watch a video series called Muzzy. Muzzy was this big greenish-blueish looking giant fuzzy figure (reminds me a lot of Sully from Monster Inc. now that I think about it) who taught you a language. My dad always wanted my brother and I to learn German because we are mostly German on his side of the family, so Muzzy would teach us German. I am ashamed to say the only thing I remember from Muzzy is 1-10 in German BUT this is where I’m going to try and redeem myself. Here’s Muzzy:


This past summer, my family and I went on vacation down in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The place we stayed could not have been any nicer! With the beach, all you can eat buffets, work out room, pools, pool bars, little restaurants, amazing rooms, awesome excursions we tried, and amazing service, I think my family and I would agree that it was one of the best relaxing vacations we’ve been on, and that’s what it was intended to be. Here are some pictures just to make some folks jealous who are sitting in 10 degree weather šŸ˜‰


Mom looks so happy doesn’t she šŸ™‚

Ā IMG_2579

Just one of the many pool bars that were available


Me and my Brother being the goofs that we are


The Fam


Under the Sea


Dad participates in Tai Chi…only his is stationary


Brother will get involved with anything, even beach soccer with a bunch of foreigners


Two of my Favorite pictures


There were multiple buffets like this all in the same room! It was hard not to go back up for 2nds or 3rds…sometimes even 4ths


Mom and I went on a sailboating cruise up in CanCun! And yes that is a Shark!


Sunrise on one of the last days


Can’t beat that view

So, when the week was coming to a close on our beachy days, I was noticing the different nationalities of people that had come to stay at the same hotel and obviously, everyone was speaking their own language. Not having much more experience in learning another language other then Muzzy and high school Spanish 1-3, I came to the conclusion that it was time to get serious about learning a different language. Especially since Cody and I had this trip planned out and our last 6 days are going to be spent in Spain! So, since my 21st birthday was coming up, I decided I would ask for a Rosetta Stone Spanish package (probably not something most 21 year olds ask for for their birthdays).

So I started on the program right away and thought I could get through it pretty quickly if I worked on it enough until school started. Turns out there are A LOT of exercises, which is great because the program gives you so much practice and immerses you in the language because nothing and I mean NOTHING is in English within the program, but I definitely couldn’t get it done as quickly as I thought. Then I came back to school and temporality got off the Spanish train to focus on classes. I started back up during Winter Break, but again, I didn’t get as much done as I thought I was going to because then classes started up….once again. SO, new plan is to focus on school right now and then after final exams, get right back on the Spanish train and crank it out! I hope to be a Spanish speaking fool in no time!


8 thoughts on “Learning the Language

  1. I love all the pictures from the trip with your family! You really have been able to travel to so many cool places and experience so many different adventures. I know that’s only going to continue when you go on your Europe trip! Plus I have every confidence that you will be a dedicated Rosetta Stone student and know all the spanish you need before you depart!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip with your family. I went to Cancun when I was little and I had so much fun, so I cant imagine how incredible Playa del Carmen must have been.
    Good luck learning Spanish, let me know if you need any help because I would be more than happy to help

  3. I’m jealous that you got a Rosetta Stone! After studying abroad, I realized that one of my biggest regrets was not continuing to learn French in college. I think knowing another language is such a great skill to have, so good for you!

  4. I’ve heard Rosetta Stone is definitely worth the investment for learning a language, so I have no doubt you’ll know at least a fair amount of the language by the time you get to Spain! Also, LOVE the pictures from Cancun- I just came back from a cold cabin in the woods up in the mountains this weekend and after looking at those pictures all I want to do is go lay on a warm beach in Cancun.

  5. Let me know how it goes! I have hard great things about Rosetta Stone, and I thought about getting it for Italian. However, I do not think I would have time during the school year. Maybe a summer project?

  6. These pictures make me want the warm to come even sooner! My friend actually did Rosetta Stone for Spanish and was able to get a pretty good grip on the language, it does take consistent effort though I’m sure! Being in Spain physically will also help once you’ve mastered the basics!

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