Smile for the…Video Camera

So this was originally Cody’s idea but I hopped on the ban wagon with this one…

We want to get some sort of video/camera for our trip. I do have a little digital camera already which takes great pictures and videos and I actually got an underwater case for it a few years ago for my scuba diving trip! But Cody thinks (and the more I think about it, the more I like it) we should have a small video camera as well as the camera to document our trip. But we have a few criteria we want the video/camera has to meet:

1. Is NOT easily stolen off a person (we’ve heard Europe has a thievery issue)

2. Won’t break when packed

3. Easy to use and carry around

With these in mind, we thought getting a Flip or GoPro would be perfect. Would anyone have any suggestions as to which one (or any) they suggest? I think I will still plan on bringing my camera as well just for some more memory space, can’t miss anything!



4 thoughts on “Smile for the…Video Camera

  1. Betsy, your Uncle Kip has a Flip and really likes it! He brought it to our trip to Montana last March and got some great video of Aunt Sarah and me cross country skiing! Some of it wasn’t pretty but that’s beside the point! Haha!

  2. Taking a video camera is a great idea! I wish I would’ve thought of that when I was in Europe!!! I’ve traveled with EF before and it’s a great company. You’ll have a blast!

  3. get a GoPro!!!! I just got it last year because I am also doing a Eurotrip over the summer and I do not regret it at all for getting it. Even though some people would disagree with me because they only think about the GoPro for extreme sports, I absolutely love it and have been using it already. The GoPro app that you install in your phone is super cool. Let me know if you want to try out my GoPro.

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