The Extras

“It’s better to see something once then hear about it a thousand times” ~Russian Proverb.

If we’re going to be over in Europe, seeing so many amazing places, why stop there? Like I said in an earlier post, our trip goes through 18 cities and who wouldn’t be satisfied with that? …well apparently we aren’t. I am beyond ecstatic about where we’re scheduled to go already but our trip also offers extra excursions and of course we want to do those too! So not only will we be exploring 18 beautiful cities, we also have the option of going on 7 extra excursions. Here is the list:


Visit the over-the-top palace of Louis XIV. This is where French royalty reveled in their extravagant lifestyle before the Revolution. Walk through the landscaped gardens, tour the State Apartments of the King, and see the Hall of Mirrors.

Cava and Taps:

Head outside of Barcelona to try tow local specialties. Cava is a sparkling wine produced in Spain’s Catalonia region learn how it’s made, and then sample it along with some tasty tapas, the traditional Spanish appetizers.

Rome Cooking Class:

Learn the basics of Italy’s regional specialties from a local professional chef. Make two kinds of pasta from scratch, then turn your focus to the sauces. When you’re done, get treated to a 3-course meal prepared by the chef’s team.

Monaco Casino Night:

Get a fast of the high life on a trip to Monaco. Explore the Royal Palace grounds, enjoy a meal in Monaco’s swanky Old Town, and rub elbows with the elite at the most famous casino in the world.

Biking the Dutch Country Side:

Get on your bike for a leisurely 1 1/2-hour ride through the classic Dutch landscape. In addition to the ridiculously charming scenery, the trop also includes a light picnic lunch, coffee break, and a visit to a classic Dutch clog maker and cheese shop.

Mount Pilatus:

Go on an amazing rip to the top of Mount Pilatus, the majestic mountain dominating the Lucerne skyline. At the summit, take in the incredible panoramic views-see the city of Lucerne, its pristine lake, and the snow-capped Alps.

Stonehenge and Bath:

See the mysterious giant stones in the field at Stonehenge. There origin is unknown, though most think it was a temple and observatory. Also visit Bath, a favorite vacation spot for early Romans and 18th-century English aristocracy.

Naturally, when we read these we we wanted to do all of them but what I didn’t mention is that they aren’t free. So factoring the extra expenses into account…we’ve decided we still pretty much want to do all of them haha! The ones that we were questioning were Versailles and Stonehenge. I tried thinking ‘if I came back from the trip and didn’t go on one of those excursions, would I be disappointed?’ and the conclusion was I would be disappointed if I didn’t see Stonehenge. I’ve seen so many pictures and I want to be able to say I’ve seen it in person. But I don’t think I would regret not going to Versailles. I know if we decided to go it would be amazing but I think we are more excited about the others trips. So there you have it, our list of excursions!

Reading over these only makes me more excited 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Extras

  1. The gardens of Versailles are gorgeous. I’m excited for you guys and very jealous of this entire trip. Have a blast you two.

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