One of the first questions college freshmen have before they get to school is: “Who is my roommate going to be? Will I like her/him? Will we get along?” Well, when we started looking into the preplanned trips, that was one of our first questions too. We didn’t know if there were any rules for requesting roommates or if we were even able to stay together so we asked our trip advisor. She said it wasn’t a problem but we would need to pay a little extra. Well “a little extra” was not exactly “little”. So we are each paying $900 more just to room with each other on all of the overnights  (keeping in mind that we are staying in hotels most of the time which is a lot nicer then most trips out there) and there was no question that we wanted to stay together. But our question still remains: “Why are we paying more to stay together? Aren’t we making it easier on the company to just put us together rather then finding roommates?” If anyone has an answer, I’d be happy to hear it because we’re still clueless.

So I would say that most of my college roommates, friends, teammates, and family would agree when I say I’m not the most “constant” person which is the best way I can think to describe it. I tend to get really excited, really competitive, and really enthusiastic pretty much at all times, which is great for somethings. But when I spend too much time with people in general (I’ve diagnosed myself with a mild form of introvertism), I tend to get Reeeally annoyed fairly quickly. So when my family found out that Cody and I wanted to do this trip together and it is 30 days of togetherness, they said “Bets, you better find some alone time so you don’t harm anyone” hahaha (which is not an insult to anyone but myself because I think my family likes Cody more then they like me sometimes!). Thanks Family! Regardless, we are staying together…for 30 days…straight…and I could not be more excited 😉


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